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seven Optimus Prime (Pepsi Co. Variant): $5,five-hundred

One of the better version of Transformers kids gets their practical was indeed Aerialbots just who you will definitely change to the all types of jets. Far more enjoyable as opposed to those try whatever they combined into. Piecing together all of the Aerialbots within their combiner brought Superion, which had been comprised of Silverbolt, Fireflight, Slingshot, Air raid, and Skydive.

For instance the most other Current Kits about this number, they rarely stayed intact and you can was indeed oftentimes torn offered to get right to the toys in to the. If you still have one that is NIB and you will graded, could circumvent $step three,two hundred during the an online public auction because of it.

8 Computron (Current Place): $5,100000

The new Technobots were a group of Autobots composed of Afterburner, Lightspeed, Nosecone, Scattershot, and you may Strafe.